Barry Lock is the engineering force behind the Aero Supercar. For anyone already involved in the Australian motor racing scene he will need no introduction. Barry’s professional career has spanned work with Mclaren F1 in the development of F1 and Can Am cars in the late 1960’s to the early 1970’s to the development of the the worlds fastest time attack racing cars. In between he designed and built some of the most competitive sports cars in Australia under his own “Kaditcha” brand. In the late 1980’s Barry also designed the Giocattolo, the only V8 powered mid engined supercar to be built in Australia (throw “Kaditcha” and “Giocattolo” into a search engine). More recently Barry has been quietly developing the Aero Supercar on the Gold Coast. The Aero Supercar is a closed, 2 door, 2 seater, DTM style racing car that is fast, safe, durable and cost effective with scalable performance allowing a racer to compete in a range of classes here in Australia and ultimately internationally.

Chassis – The chassis is a modular design comprising of a central section, or tub, of carbon, aluminium, and steel with three major longitudinal sections. The outer two longitudinal sections have cross sectional areas of 1,087cm squared per side for exceptional torsional stiffness and driver side impact protection. Complementing this is a major transverse section of carbon composite to further increase driver safety and stiffness.

The driver compartment is provided as an integral part of this centre section as is the fuel containment which isolates it from intrusion from external sources.

The forward and removable part of the chassis is of steel (4130) construction welded by the acknowledged best in Australia. This subframe provides mounts for the front suspension, cooling and engine.

The rear frame is also removable, it provides mounts for the rear suspension, diffuser, rear wing stays, crown wheel and pinion assembly and exhaust.

The roll cage is also removable and is mounted on the central section of the front and rear bulkheads.

The Aero supercar will generate 580kg of downforce achieved through the use of state of the art carbon undertray, difusser and wing section.

To sum up, the difficulties in competing at the top level of motorsport have been examined and addressed by this design. The Aero Supercar provides:

  • Realistic initial purchase cost
  • Low running costs
  • Low maintenance
  • The ability to reduce pit gear, spares and personnel to a manageable level
  • Easy repair of damaged subframes by simply unbolting damaged parts and replacing with new parts - how easy is that!
  • The ability to run the engine and livery of your choice
  • High driver safety
  • High durability
  • High drivability
  • High Aero performance
  • All in a high performance, visually appealing package.